High School Gr. 9 to 12 Tutoring

High school students attend tutoring sessions according to the subject in which they need help, for example, Math, English, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Calculus, Functions, Advanced Functions, Vectors, Data Management and Accounting. The maximum number of students which each high school tutor is two in a given hour. Apart from explaining concepts to the child and giving them practice to make sure they have complete understanding of the topic, tutors will assist with homework, assignments and essays. They will also help students prepare for quizzes, exams, tests and assessments. 

Whether it is a difficulty with a current semester’s subject or preparing for the next semester’s subject, Learna can help. With a large number of worksheets, text books and workbooks available at Learna centers, tutors are able to use these effectively to the best interest of the students.