Learna Edge

First, we are very proud of the organized, clutter-free environment we provide for the child. We have carefully designed our centers to help children focus, concentrate, and excel to heights.
  • Students get to work with specialized tutors for each subject. Our instructors are the best of the best... painstakingly chosen from candidates with superior credentials.
  • Every tutor is completely trained in the Learna system. The combination of the best people, the best methods, and the best materials will guarantee the child's success and happiness for years to come.
  • Students are not under contract for any period of time. They can start at any time during the year.
  • We begin with what the student is currently working on at school which ensures that they get help in homework, tests, quizzes etc., that happen on a weekly basis in their school. However, during the course of the year, we complete every unit of the Ontario curriculum with the child very thoroughly.
  • Our reputation for superior academic services is strong. In fact, over the years, many teachers, principals and private school directors have placed their trust in us to help their children succeed.
  • Homework is assigned to students not only to re-enforce lessons, but teach students proper homework habits and routines.
  • At Learna we teach students to work independently in order to build their self-confidence.
  • There is no need for parents and other family members to sit and assist with homework completion, because students are expected to complete homework independently.