Gr. 3 to 8 Tutoring

At Learna, we provide Math, English, Science, Social Studies and French tutoring in an interactive environment with the help of experienced teachers to enable your child to excel. Help on school homework is inbuilt in the tutoring session. 

Based on the unit currently being taught at school, they will be placed at a level corresponding to that. From then on, tutors work with them to teach the concepts, reinforce them where necessary and give them practice during the tutoring session. Extra practice sheets are given to the student to take home and practice. During summer holidays, tutors work on the next grade’s curriculum unit by unit. Each tutor has a maximum of four students during the hour for Math and English tutoring sessions. For Science, Social Studies and French we limit the student-teacher ratio to 2:1.

Our Math tutors make sure the child gets complete knowledge of the concept involved and also finish every unit with the relevant problem solving questions for that concept. Learna has over 30,000 Math worksheets for different grades and topics which are used by tutors to give your child the extra practice that is required. Besides, text books from different publishers are available for use as well.

Our English tutors have expertise in developing the child’s reading comprehension skills, writing, spelling, vocabulary and grammar skills. Lot of emphasis is placed on development of the child’s writing skills, depending on their grade level, from writing good sentences to paragraphs and finally good essays. English tutors at Learna use cross curriculum resources during the English sessions, which means that topics from Science, Social Studies and other subjects are used to read and write.

True learning stems from both understanding and applying concepts. While many of us grew up hearing "practice makes perfect," drills may only help students remember facts. The Learna method goes a step beyond by focusing on understanding and application rather than drill.

Highlights of our successful tutoring program:

  • Students get to work with specialized tutors for each subject.
  • Students are not under contract for any period of time. They can start at any time during the year
  • We begin with what the student is currently working on at school which ensures they get help in homework, tests, quizzes, etc, that happen on a weekly basis in their school. However, during the course of the year, we complete every unit of the Ontario Curriculum with the child very thoroughly. 
  • Homework is assigned to students not only to re-enforce lessons, but teach students proper homework habits and routines.
  • At Learna we teach students to work independently in order to build their self-confidence.
  • There is no need for parents or other family members to sit and assist with homework completion, because students are expected to complete homework independently. 

Our Locations

Brampton (South)

120 Clementine Drive (Unit 8E)
Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 0L8
(Intersection: Mavis & Steeles)
Phone: (905) 453 8900
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Brampton (Springdale)

2260 Bovaird Drive East (Unit 101)
Brampton, Ontario, L6R 3J5
(on Bovaird Dr., between Bramalea & Torbram)
Phone: (905) 458-4385
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Brampton (West)

Golden Gate Plaza, 110 Pertosa Drive (Unit 8)
Brampton, Ontario, L6X 5E9
(Intersection: Chinguacousy & William Parkway)
Phone: (905) 452-1556
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