Grade 1 English Curriculum

Reflecting the expectations, activities in the Language Arts (English) Grade 1 series cover:

Reasoning and critical thinking
  • Using knowledge and experience to understand what they have read
  • Story concepts; who and where, what and when, why and how
  • Reading comprehension: sequencing plot events- what has happened, what will happening what happens next
  • Visual discrimination: finding missing letters, shapes and objects; grouping and sorting like and unlike objects and pictures
Understanding form and style
  • Word patterns: using predictable word patterns from speech to determine meaning in a sentence
  • Sentence structures: asking, telling and directions sentences; predicting missing words
Vocabulary Building
  • Phonics: initial and final consonants, consonant blends and diagraphs, short and long vowel  sounds recognizing letter pairs
  • Finding alphabet activities: missing letters
  • Adding new words: color, weather, senses and parts of body words; rhyming words; matching numerals to number words
  • Word structure: prefixes, suffixes, compound words, syllables
  • Word meaning: synonyms and antonyms
Use of Language Conventions
  • Grammar: using plurals of single syllable words; introducing parts of speech
  • Punctuation: using periods and commas
  • Spelling: finding errors in words used in stories