Grade 2 English Curriculum

Reflecting the expectations, activities in Language Arts (English) series cover:

Reasoning and Critical Thinking
  • Visual discrimination: finding missing letters and words; grouping and sorting like and unlike words; matching words and pictures
  • Story concepts: finding the best title, the main idea, the best ending; sequencing plot events, identifying the characters
  • Comprehension: discriminating between true and false, cause and effect; recalling key factual details
Understanding form and style
  • Word patterns: using predictable word patterns from speech to determine word order (eg. noun followed by verb) in a sentence; using knowledge of word endings to recognize same word in different forms
  • Sentence structure: disruptive sentences; statements; questions, commands, explanations; combining sentences into paragraphs
  • Recognizing different forms: poems, stories, children’s dictionary, letters
Vocabulary Building
  • Phonics: short and long vowel sounds and families; variant vowels; words of more than one syllable, noun plurals, words ending in ‘ing’
  • Adding new words, days of week, months of the year; complex rhyming words
  • Word structure: finding compound words; breaking words into syllables; building compound words; more prefixes and suffixes
  • Developing dictionary skills: placing words in alphabetical order; using guidewords; finding synonyms and antonyms
Use of Language Conventions
  • Grammar: identify types of nouns and simple verb tenses; using adjectives, connecting words, negatives
  • Punctuation using different end punctuation(? . !) and apostrophes
  • Spelling: rules for vowels and single syllable words; finding spelling errors