Grade 5 English Curriculum

Reflecting the expectations, activities in Language Arts (English) series cover: 

Reasoning and Critical Thinking
  • Reading for factual information using a variety of non-fiction scientific and social studies passages
  • Comprehension: finding main ideas and key factual details; improving recall of events in order; comparing and contrasting information and drawing conclusions
Understanding Form and Style
  • Identifying various forms of writing and recognizing their characteristics
  • Using knowledge of different forms to adjust reading strategies
Knowledge of Language Structures
  • Using knowledge of elements of grammar, oral and written language structures to understand what is read
  • Recognizing familiar patterns of word structure to decode meaning, especially in word endings
  • Using a variety of strategies to determine meaning of unfamiliar words: context of sentence, phonics skills, use of dictionary and thesaurus
  • Expanding vocabulary: using specialized terms for science and social studies
  • Word structure: compound words, root words, prefixes and suffixes
Use of language conventions
  • Grammar: identifying subject and predicate, using complex verb forms, using comparative adjectives; reviewing parts of speech recognition
  • Punctuation and capitalization: reviewing end punctuation, capitalization of titles and adjectives, use of quotation marks in dialogue