JK, SK, Gr.1 and 2 Tutoring

Specialized teachers who are trained to teach children at the primary level work with two students at a time (in each hour) and focus on enhancing their reading skills while also working on their writing skills, spellings, grammar and Math as well. Starting with phonics, they move on to sight words and then onto reading small sentences, eventually small paragraphs and ultimately a full story to a complete story book! The picture books, text books, worksheets and programs available with each Learna centre assist these teachers in performing this and also in giving homework to the children to do extra practice. Students are encouraged to complete home tasks on their own without help from anyone at home so that in the next session, the teacher can assess the progress and then move on.

Unique and dynamic in nature, the JK, SK and Grade 1 & 2 program is geared toward the level of the individual child.  By assessing the level of the child the teacher is able to compile an individualized program specifically for each student. 

Our program offers the child the opportunity to delve into the world of language and early reading.  Our students are challenged by Alphabet activities, phonics drills and activities involving reasoning and critical thinking..  The child is exposed to Math concepts which include, but are certainly not limited to, number sense, patterning, graphing, addition and multiplication.