Q : What is Learna?
A : Learna operates Ontario curriculum based education centers that provide affordable supplementary teaching in all subjects through a unique combination of conventional teaching methods with  books and worksheets for Kindergarten to Grade 8 students, with the help and guidance of experienced teachers. Learna is the only institution to have developed the entire Ontario curriculum for Math, English, Science and French for Kg. to Gr.8 on worksheets. Learna also offers an excellent tutoring program for Grade 9 to Grade 12 students in Math, English, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French and other subjects. This is offered in small groups of two students with one tutor.

Q : Does Learna offer preparations for standardized tests?
A : We offer special tracks for students preparing for standardized tests (e.g., EQAO).

Q : Is Learna a remedial program?
A : Our program is designed to accommodate children of all skill levels. Our curriculum-based program inspires and nurtures the needy students and stimulates and challenges the gifted ones.

Q : What are the timings during which I can schedule my child’s lessons?
A : The centres are open from 4pm to 8pm on weekdays, 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday and closed on Sunday. You can schedule your child’s lessons within these timings depending on your convenience and availability of a tutor at the center during the timings you prefer.

Q :  What if my child is not able to make it for a class, does he loose that class ?
A :  No, the class is not lost, we encourage you to call and inform the center at least 24 hours prior about your child’s absence and re-schedule the class to another convenient time. However, lessons from one calendar month cannot be carried forward to the next month and have to be completed within the same month.

Q : How many hours per week a student should spend at the Learna centre?
A : We recommend two one-hour lessons per week per subject.

Q : I would like to schedule more than two hours per week per subject. Is that possible?
A : You can schedule as many classes as you like based on your monthly tuition plan.

Q : How much time should a child spend completing Learna homework? Do you help with school homework?
A : We suggest an average two hours per week per subject. This may vary based on the students’ skill and grade levels. Yes, when the child is scheduled to come to Learna, our teachers will help with school homework.

Q : Do you teach pre-school children?
A : Our curriculum is designed to teach children right from the time they start going to formal school . We do not take children below that age.

Q : Is Learna open year-round?
A : Yes, Learna is open year-round. Our most successful students are those who continue attending during the summer break or off-track periods so that they start off the new school year ahead of their peers rather than forgetting what they learned in their previous grade. We keep the same schedule year round, though we also have an academic/sports camp in the summer break.

Q : What certification, training and experience do the Learna tutors have?
A : Most of our tutors are university graduates with certification from the Ontario College of Teachers. They are subject specialists in their respective field and have extensive experience teaching in Canada.

Q : How does Learna address parents’ concerns and questions?
A : Learna’s dedication to customer service is absolute. Every tutor at Learna handholds the parent through the progress of the child. Learna makes sure that every question or concern is addressed by the tutors or center management.

Q : Is there any special care available for my child?
A : At Learna, we pay special attention to each child’s progress. We treat each child individually and we ensure that no child is left behind or left out. However, if your child needs extra care and support, a special one to one tutoring facility can be arranged. Please ask about this facility and its cost at the center.

Q: Can Learna send a tutor to my house to teach my child?
A: Learna believes in professional, structured and monitored tutoring using the most up to date and adequate resources by Learna’s highly trained tutoring staff. It is not possible to achieve this in each child’s house ,hence Learna encourages parents and students to make a wise choice and come to a centre nearby their house and get the best possible education.

Q: Does Learna tutor with a large number of students with each tutor?
A: Learna is very strict about tutor to student ratio in order to provide maximum progress for each student. Our J.Kg, S.Kg, Gr.1 and 2 program has only 2 students with each tutor, our Gr. 3 to 8 program has a maximum of 4 students with each tutor and the high school program from Gr. 9 to 12 has only 2 students with each tutor.