The Learna Curriculum is based on the Ontario Curriculum as prescribed by the Ministry of Education, Ontario. Each year, all the subject areas enter the review process, to ensure that the Learna curriculum is kept current, relevant and age-appropriate and reflects all the changes in the Ontario Curriculum.


Mathematics is one of the most important skills that your child can develop in order to ensure success not only in his or her studies at school, but also in the challenges that lie ahead in future.

The mathematics section of our Learna program is comprised of the five components of mathematics – Number Sense & Numeration, Measurement, Geometry & Spatial Sense, Patterning and Algebra, and Data Management & Probability. The students are also provided with the strategies and techniques to apply these five components in a practical way to everyday situations through problem solving.

The concepts and skills covered in each of the five components have been summarized for each grade in a chart that provides a detailed listing of these concepts and skills being covered with your child.

 Grade KG Math      Grade 5 Math
 Grade 1 Math    Grade 6 Math
 Grade 2 Math    Grade 7 Math
 Grade 3 Math    Grade 8 Math
 Grade 4 Math    


Language Arts(English) is a critical area in ensuring student success in school in all other curriculum areas; without strong reading,writing, speaking and listening skills students are unable to work effectively either individually, in pairs, groups , or in classes.

Reflecting the expectations of the Ontario curriculum, the various concepts and activities for each grade level are :

Grade KG English     Grade 5 English
Grade 1 English   Grade 6 English
Grade 2 English   Grade 7 English
Grade 3 English   Grade 8 English
Grade 4 English    

For all subjects please click on to see the Ministry of Education, Ontario Curriculum.